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Saturday, April 5, 2014
Richard Godfrey
A Lockport man who called Niagara County Sheriff's deputies to complain about animal abuse found himself facing trespassing charges on Friday.

Richard Godfrey, 45, 5616 Ridge Road, told patrol that he was a volunteer at Canine Helpers, 5699 Ridge Road. He further stated that the director of the organization was not feeding a horse that was being taken care of on the property.

A report filed by the Sheriff's Office stated that Godfrey "made very little sense with the things he was saying and could not keep dates and time frames consistent. Patrol had to repeatedly tell (him) to relax and calm down."

The director of the non-profit, which pairs people with service dogs, told patrol that Godfrey has not been associated with the organization in approximately eight years and has been told in the past to stay off the property.

Godfrey was charged with two counts of criminal trespass. He was arraigned in Newfane Town Court and bail was set in the amount of $1000/$2000. Judge Bruce Barns also issued a full stay away order of protection for both the director and Canine Helpers. Godfrey is due back in Newfane Town Court on April 22. Barnes also ordered a mental health evaluation.

Godfrey had also been arrested on a warrant from Niagara Falls Police on Thursday morning.

According to a report filed by New York State Police, troopers found him acting suspicious near the parking lot of the Wrights Corners Tops at approximately 7:47 a.m. Thursday. Upon interviewing him, they discovered he was wanted by Niagara Falls PD for trespassing. Godfrey was arrested on the warrant and turned over to Niagara Falls PD at that time.

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  1. Anyone casting a re-make of "The Shining"?


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