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Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Walmart employees told Niagara County Sheriff's deputies that a man stole three bottles of perfume Sunday evening and fled in a car belonging to a Beattie Avenue man.

According to the report, the suspect entered the store at 6:48 p.m, went to the fragrance section and took three bottle of cologne valued at $128.91, placing them in his coat and leaving without paying for them. A Walmart employee followed him out of the store and watched him get into a car, noting the license plate.

When NCSO tracked down the vehicle owner, he told patrol that he had been waved down by a man at Jiffy Mart who asked him to take him to Walmart "because he had a gift card he wanted to use." The Beattie Avenue man took him and waited in the car.

"About 10 minutes later (the suspect) came back out and it didn't appear that he had anything. (The Beattie Avenue man) asked him if he got anything. (The suspect) told him that he didn't because they didn't have what he wanted," the report states.

The Beattie Avenue man took the suspect back into the city and dropped him off at the Gulf Station. Patrol secured a statement from Walmart and the Beattie Avenue man. Patrol will submit paperwork to the Town of Lockport Court for a warrant.

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