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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our contract for our Refuse and Recycling program is set to renew in September.

Joe O'Shaughnessy
It is my intention to seek RFP’s from several Refuse companies as this service is costing the taxpayers over 1 million dollars per year.  Our current service provider is doing their job in my opinion; I just want to explore the possibility of saving our residents money.

The council is requesting an audit of the Refuse/Recycling program.  To date, we have no information on the number of totes that were purchased by the City, no information on how many totes are in the field, no information on how these totes are matched to billing procedures, no information on what we are being charged for, no information on any monies owed for these bins.

I have been requesting the contract on file with our provider for over four weeks.  I have been given limited documents to date and was informed Friday the contract cannot be found in the City Clerk’s Office.  As to whether this contract will be void if we seek any RFP’s is anyone’s guess; without the original contract it is impossible to compare anything.

The Council plans to hold a special session after we have been provided with the original contract in its entirety, and our requested audit is completed by Finance Director Scott Schrader.   My opinion of politics at its worst?  The fact the City of Lockport does not have an Assessor and we don’t have a Deputy City Treasurer.

If anyone has any questions, please call me at 434-2189.

-- Joe O’Shaughnessy is Lockport's alderman at large

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1 comment:

  1. Be warry of "the good deal" in the town where I live we too were looking for the best price. The path to save towns people money. We went looking. Even found that so called good deal. Then we were forced to take the low bid, even though it seemed way too low. To good to be true you might say. We would later find the service was nothing like we were accustomed to. The people who worked for the company that gave us the good deal were not as caring and respectful, or as responsible as the one's that we had all come to rely on. Remember please, there is more to consider than just the bottom line.


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