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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Save Ontario Shores (SOS), the local organization opposed to industrial wind turbine project in Niagara and Orleans counties, is calling on New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to investigate what it calls "the questionable tactics of Apex Clean Energy."

Apex, a Virginia-based company, has proposed installation of an unspecified number of industrial wind turbines, standing about 620 feet hall.

SOS has taken issue with an Apex representative is says attempted to discredit the group at a March 7 meeting. At that meeting, an Apex consultant said that SOS is part of a larger national anti-wind effort that involves 23 groups, that SOS is comprised of “migratory people” who move from place to place to battle wind projects.

“The portion of Mr. Shuff’s presentation which focused on Save Ontario Shores was shocking and blatantly false,” said SOS president Pam Atwater.

In its letter to Attorney General Schneiderman, Atwater enumerated several statements made by Shuff that she called "false or misleading." She is asking the Attorney General to investigate Apex.

“There are growing concerns among local residents about the reckless tactics Apex is using in their attempts to sway public opinion, and their use of false and misleading information about this project and deceptive information regarding the dedicated New York State residents who are raising their voices against it.

“New York State has removed home rule from residents regarding the placement of large electrical generating projects and they face a host of barriers to voicing concerns,” Atwater said.  “Additionally, they have almost no actual authority to approve or disapprove of the project.  These residents should not have to endure rumors and falsehoods that assault their integrity and dedication to the well-being of their towns and indeed, to the State of New York.”

A scan of the letter to the Attorney General follows:

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  1. The industrial wind industry has always been based on lies and half truths. Industrial wind snake-oil salesmen have used lies and half-truths for decades to enrich themselves via the wind scam. As a wind salesman in our area was overheard saying in a local restaurant, "We're going to get rich off these hicks."

    The problem is, Ms. Atwater's good letter is directed to AG Schneiderman - a representative of the corrupt government of New York State, most of whom are just as corrupt as wind industry snake-oil salesmen, and likewise, are only interested in lining their own pockets at the expense of all New York State taxpayers and ratepayers.

  2. Forget about the Attorney General and pull this entire scumbag industry into a legitimate courtroom for their rigged research. As it is every wind farm in America has been approved and continues to operate because of fraudulent research and collusion.

    Show me any wind industry/wind turbine mortality research conduced after 1985 and I will show, cite and explain to any courtroom the non scientific rigged research used to produce fake data. This consistent non scientific pattern of bogus research has been going on since 1985. The primary players in this charade are the wind industry, the shill experts paid to produce scripted studies, sellout conservation groups like Audubon and the Interior Department which is controlled by both political parties.


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