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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Area workers struggling to support their families will join a massive rally in
Albany today in support of a $15 minimum wage to send a powerful message:
“No New Yorker who works hard should live in poverty!”

Thousands of workers from every industry will be travelling to Albany early Tuesday morning for a massive rally in support of the $15 minimum wage. Over 200 Western New York workers will board a fleet of 15 buses representing Upstate New York to send a powerful message to lawmakers that they should pass the $15 statewide minimum wage by the end of this month.

In total, over 3 million working New Yorkers would be raised up by the $15 minimum wage, more than 37% of the workforce. 95% of workers making less than $15 are 20 years or older and 66% work full-time. Over 200 economists, including 7 Nobel Prize winners, have said that raising the minimum wage will boost the economy because working people will have more money in their pockets to spend at local businesses.

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