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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Seven Sutherland Sisters, who resided in Niagara County, are the 
inspiration for the Niagara History Center’s  “Good Hair Day” April 9.
Niagara County’s famous long-haired ladies, the musical Seven Sutherland Sisters, will inspire the Niagara History Center’s celebration of “Good Hair Day,” Saturday, April 9, from 12 - 2 p.m., at the Center’s 215 Niagara St. site in Lockport.

We’ll recognize the unique lives, careers, and hair of Sarah, Victoria, Isabella, Grace, Naomi, Dora and Mary, as we offer hair-measuring contests for both women and men with prizes, games, children’s activities and more. We’ll hear about the Sutherlands’ family, love lives, ornate Cambria mansion, and how all that long hair, estimated at a collective 37 feet, became their fame and fortune.

“Isabella Sutherland” herself will make an appearance, re-enacted by Marsha Zimmer of our Step Back in Time players. Zimmer will share new information on the sisters, which she has uncovered through her ongoing interest and research about the family.

The seven sisters, daughters of Fletcher and Mary Sutherland, traveled the world with their singing act, but the real attraction was the floor-length hair of each one. The Sutherlands joined the Barnum and Bailey Circus, where the seven long-haired women became a sideshow attraction.

The Sutherlands also marketed a family-made hair “Hair Grower,” created by mother Mary, which they credited for their flowing tresses. Women sought out the product in the hopes of growing long and luxuriant hair. This product, along with “Scalp Cleaner,” “Colorator” and other concoctions made millions for the family and brought them an eccentric lifestyle, world-wide attention, questionable loves, and tragedies rivaling much of what fills tabloids and social media today. A large part of their fascinating story took place right here in Niagara County.

Call the History Center at (716) 434-7433 for more information. Then join us for “Good Hair Day” and celebrate the fascinating and very unique Seven Sutherland Sisters!

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