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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lighthouse Wind, LLC, an Apex Clean Energy subsidiary, has signed the updated 2016 New York State Code of Conduct for Wind Farm Development.

Lighthouse Wind contacted the Office of the Attorney General last year in regard to the code. After review of the existing code and in light of significant permitting changes, the attorney general’s office revised the code. After receipt of the updated code, Lighthouse Wind immediately engaged in an ongoing dialogue with the attorney general’s office regarding ministerial corrections and clarifications to the new code.

“The attorney general’s office provided Lighthouse Wind, along with other wind developers in New York, with the updated Code of Conduct agreement to review in February,” said Mark Goodwin, president and COO of Apex. “After careful review and discussions with the attorney general’s office, Lighthouse Wind is pleased to sign the Code of Conduct. We look forward to exercising our due diligence and providing all necessary information as requested. We are confident that the tasks that we have performed to date make us well prepared for compliance.”

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1 comment:

  1. New York State Attorney General Schneiderman rewrote the Wind Code of Conduct and asked all the wind companies for input??? But NOT ours?!?

    The AG's office asked for Big Wind LLCs' input, but NOT for PUBLIC INPUT?!?

    What's up with that??? Where is the Code??? There is only the old Code (2009) on the AG's web search, and so far NO announcement.

    New York State citizens should have had input, and we most certainly should not have to spend hours searching for the law, or have to FOIL it!

    The law is NOT on the PSC website either!?!

    Just another example of New York State's totalitarian regime in action.

    NY PSC LW PROJECT # 14-F-0485


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