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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Caroline Wojtaszek
Niagara County District Attorney candidate Caroline Wojtaszek will have the backing of the county Independence Party.

Niagara County Independence Party Chairwoman Susan Agnello Eberwein called the former prosecutor “the reformer we need to restore public trust” in the DA’s office in an endorsement announcement offered on Monday.

“As a taxpayer and county resident, I know that we need to get our District Attorney’s office back on track,” Eberwein said. “The problem is not with most of our prosecutors—they are capable and have a good track record enforcing the law. What is needed, though, is effective leadership. Caroline Wojtaszek offers that.”

The endorsement comes less than a week after Wojtaszek announced her candidacy. Wojtaszek, an experienced prosecutor who spent more than a dozen years in the DA’s office, is currently law clerk to County Court Judge Sara Sheldon. During her time as a top prosecutor, Wojtaszek successfully tried and won convictions in several high-profile murder, rape, and sex abuse trials.

“The District Attorney needs to be someone experienced in keeping us safe from criminals, but also who knows how to best apply the law to protect communities, preserve family structures, and repair underlying problems. Caroline Wojtaszek’s long tenure as a prosecutor—a successful prosecutor—makes her the best possible candidate,” Chairwoman Eberwein said.

“The DA is also a manager, though, and that office needs reform and oversight, and most importantly, a commitment to professional ethics. Caroline Wojtaszek is a principled leader and will be a great DA.”

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1 comment:

  1. The joke of an Independence Party chairman Sue Eberwein endorses Caroline Wojtaszek. WHAT A BIG SURPRISE! Isn't this the same chairman who endorses only Republican candidates? Wait Wojtaszek is a Democrat. What gives? Well Wojtaszek is the wife of former Niagara County Rep chairman Henry Wojtaszek. So Caroline W. is no Dem. A Dem in name only. Her bread and butter has been made through the Republicans and so, that is why she gets the endorsement. Eberwein has had her nose up the Wojtaszek public money eating regime for years. I believe her current job was courtesy of the Wojtaszek family. Eberwein is an embarrassment to the true Indpendence Party voters.


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