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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Rob Ortt
The Niagara County Independence Party today endorsed Rob Ortt’s re-election bid for the New York State Senate.

Chairwoman Susan Agnello Eberwein pointed to Ortt’s accomplishments and character in backing the freshman Senator.

“When we first endorsed Rob in 2014, we were excited about the prospect of sending a fresh, independent voice to Albany to be a fierce advocate for Western New York,” said Eberwein. “We stand by that commitment and proudly endorse Senator Ortt in his re-election campaign. As a young leader, Rob has distinguished himself by rising above petty partisanship and government gridlock to work for Western New Yorkers. He’s been willing to work with Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, anybody—to get things done for our region.”

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1 comment:

  1. Another sham endorsement by Independence Party Chairman Eberwein who is the political flunky for the Republicans. She endorses any Republican who is breathing. Maybe someone with guts from this blog can actually investigate how many Dems comapred to Reps get the Indep party endorsement. The only Dems who get the Indep party endorsement are the ones who caucus or are co-opted by the Republican Party. I bet you dollars to donuts that Eberwein's glowing statement was written by Ortt's office. by the way, did anyone from the other party get to interview. I bet not. This is pure corruption


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