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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

By +Scott Leffler

Anne McCaffrey
Following the official issuance of Mayor Anne McCaffrey's vetoes from a pair of resolutions concerning the city assessor's office, the Lockport Common Council over-rode the vetoes on a pair of 5-1 votes.

The over-rides mean that a shared services agreement passed by the previous Common Council in December is voided and McCaffrey is now directed to hire a full-time city assessor.

Standing alone in opposing the veto over-rides was Common Council President David Wohleben, who also voted against the original resolutions that were passed on Jan. 20. Alderwoman Anita Mullane voted in favor of both over-rides tonight. She had previously abstained from voting on the issue due to her relation to Real Property Appraiser Lena Villella, although she said it had been within her right to vote on the provisions.

Now McCaffrey must either hire an assessor from the list of applicants who took the Civil Service exam or hire a full-time assessor who is working in another local city.

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1 comment:

  1. So, nepotism wins in local government. Well and carefully played, council members. Is ANYONE else getting tired of this?
    Disclaimer: I know some of these people (on both sides) personally and have had positive dealings in the past with each of those I know. I have not agreed with everything Mayor McCaffrey has done since taking office, but I completely agree with her here. But this situation is totally wrong and stinks of political maneuvering and patronage. This is not starting the year off on a positive note for Lockport government.


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