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Sunday, February 28, 2016
The staff Christmas party for the Penalty Box included a rousing game of broomball. Now Penalty Box owner Jon George wants other local bars to get in on the broomball action. (PHOTOS BY SCOTT LEFFLER / ENP STAFF)


What began as a pick-up broomball game as part of the Penalty Box's Christmas party has the potential to turn into full-fledged bar-league broomball at Cornerstone CFCU Arena.

Broomball requires balance and hand-eye coordination. Funny costumes are
Since the bar and restaurant wasn't able to celebrate Christmas with its employees at Christmastime, owner Jon George closed the kitchen on Sunday and treated his staff to dinner -- although the bar remained open to the public.

After the meal, George's employees signed waiver forms (and some donned costumes) to play a quick game of broomball at the arena's NHL Rink No. 2.

While it appeared many rules of the game were ignored (can you spin the net so the opening is against the boards?), the staff seemed to have a great time.

Now George is hoping that staffs from other area bars will want in on the action. He's envisioning a multi-week, multi-team league to be played at the arena.

Bar owners and managers are encouraged to contact George if interested. He can be reached at the Penalty Box at 727-0993.


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