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Sunday, January 17, 2016


East Niagara Radio will debut a pair of shows this week, airing live on

The talk shows offer stark contrast from one another -- one being a four-person free-for-all discussing pop culture, current events and whatever the rotating hosts deem worthy at the time -- and the other focusing more on news and politics.

"With our new editorial and radio office located in ART247, we now have more space and resources -- and can offer more radio programming," said East Niagara Radio co-owner Heather Grimmer.

Airing Wednesday at 8 p.m. will be the inaugural episode of "Shenanigans," It will feature ENR contributors George Root, Craig Bacon, Howie Balaban and Scott Leffler. All four won't always appear, and in fact it may often only be two of the four with the topics du jour dependent on whoever happens to be in the studio at the time.

The foursome, who are the same team that hosts live Lockport Express broadcasts, expect the interactive show to draw a following, using an unusual style of banter that they employ on a daily basis in communicating with one another.

"We are a ship with four captains," Bacon said, describing the show. "... each with our own direction. Who wins? I guess the guy with the biggest mouth."

Root explained it as "those four guys sitting next to you in the movie theater who won't shut up, but are almost as entertaining as the movie."

"As long as the movie is 'Paul Blart 2,' " Leffler deadpanned.

Root gave "Paul Blart 2" the second lowest rating of any movie he's reviewed for East Niagara Post -- 1/8 of a star. The Adam Sandler movie, "Pixels," got a zero-star rating.

"Shenanigans" is expected to have a high dose of comedy with the occasional discussion of local topics. 

"We're going to have fun at someone's expense," Bacon said. "I'm guessing it will mostly be at our own expense."

Wednesday's episode will feature Root, Bacon and Leffler. The show will air weekly with Balaban appearing in future episodes to make inappropriate comments on a variety of topics.

"Inappropriate to some, hysterical to others, and just ridiculous to even more," Balaban said. "I have a tendency to get off topic. So if you think I'm going to tell you how much I like the movie 'Iron Man,' be prepared for me to tell you how good of a cook I am."

Taking a completely different approach from Shenanigans, Leffler will dust off his talk-show-host hat to discuss local, state and national news and politics. 

Leffler, who served as a talk show host for Lockport's AM 1340 WLVL for seven years, chose to call his show, "Reason," the same name as his short-lived talk show on AM 1230 WECK in Cheektowaga. 

"It was a good name," Leffler said, "and I didn't get to use it very long. So I thought I'd revive it and use it again. Plus, I couldn't think of anything else."

"Reason" will air at 8 p.m. Thursdays. It will most often feature Leffler by himself, but guests will be invited to join him in studio on occasion.

"This is something we had envisioned when we first began East Niagara Radio," Grimmer said. "It's the next logical step. And we think this will help turn our regular readers into regular listeners."

Live listener participation to both shows is welcome via Twitter. Shenanigans can be found @ShenanigansENR, while Leffler will use his personal Twitter account, @scottleffler.

East Niagara Radio will continue to air live broadcasts of Lockport Express games and other live events. And "On the Record," an interview-style show with Leffler and a local newsmaker, will return to the internet-waves in the very near future.

Check out East Niagara Post videos on YouTube, Vine and Periscope.


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