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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rob Ortt
Democrats representing East Niagara may like President Barack Obama's proposed executive order on gun control, but two prominent Republicans in the area are not fans.

Congressman Chris Collins and State Sen. Rob Ortt both released statements opposing the president's plan to require background checks for more gun sales and licensing for all gun sellers -- including those at gun shows and online.

Ortt's statement, which he released on his Facebook page on Tuesday, called the order an "overreach to implement a radical policy," also taking a jab at New York's SAFE Act, calling it "what happens when liberal extremists push a hurried, deeply flawed agenda onto our law-abiding citizenry."

Collins, meanwhile, referred to it as "dictatorial actions from President Obama," saying, "The president needs to be reminded that it is Congress’s job to write laws."

Both legislators statements follow below in their entirety.
Our 2nd Amendment rights are non-negotiable.

The President has once again displayed blatant executive overreach to implement a radical policy. His past attempts at restricting the rights of gunowners and law-abiding Americans failed in the Legislature and are bound to fail in the courts for one simple reason – as Americans, we have a deep passion for the Second Amendment rooted in our U.S. Constitution.

We do not believe that the Constitution is outdated. In fact, millions of peaceful gunowners today rely on the rights inherent in the Second Amendment for recreation, sport, and family protection. We need look no further than New York, at Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act, to see what happens when liberal extremists push a hurried, deeply flawed agenda onto a law-abiding citizenry.

-- State Sen. Rob Ortt
A new year and the same dictatorial actions from President Obama.

President Obama has made it clear that he will not let legal documents like the Constitution stand in his way. Only this president would circumvent the Constitution to punish tens of thousands of law-abiding gun owners across Western New York and millions more throughout the country. The president needs to be reminded that it is Congress’s job to write laws. His proposed executive actions will significantly increase burdensome government regulations and infringe on the Second Amendment rights Americans have fought to protect. I have strongly signaled my opposition to these measures and have signed onto legislation to stop these actions in their tracks.

-- Congressman Chris Collins

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