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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

BUFFALO -- Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo was in town today to announce -- with Mayor Byron Brown -- that the city of Buffalo will raise the minimum wage for public sector workers to $15 per hour.

Byron Brown
The incremental action will begin at the beginning of the city’s next fiscal year and then follow the phased schedule of the Governor’s proposal for a statewide, all-industry $15 minimum wage by 2021. A total of 479 city employees will be directly benefitted by this increase.

Earlier today, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren also announced that her city is raising the minimum wage for public sector workers to $15 per hour. The announcements follow Gov. Cuomo's action last week to increase the wage for state employees to $15 per hour on the same schedule.

“A full-time worker who earns the minimum wage today is still left very far from a decent living – that’s not right, and it’s time that changed. Raising the minimum wage is about fairness and justice. It’s about giving hard-working people an opportunity to support themselves and their families,” Gov. Cuomo said. “Today, the mayors of both Buffalo and Rochester stepped up to lead by example in the fight for fair pay. We are building momentum across the state for a policy that will change lives, and I urge the State Legislature to join us in raising the minimum wage for all workers.”

Mayor Brown said: “Our city and state employees add to the momentum that’s currently underway in Buffalo, where we’re experiencing significant economic development and job growth. Raising the minimum wage is a smart, common-sense move that will further improve lives and strengthen our economy."

Brown noted that he chaired Cuomo's fast food wage board, which earlier this year set an incremental increase in fast food wages to $15 per hour.

"Today I’m pleased to announce that the City of Buffalo is not only joining Governor Cuomo’s push for a $15 minimum wage but we’re leading by example by increasing the wage to $15 per hour for approximately 479 City of Buffalo employees," he added.

Buffalo Common Council President Rev. Darius Pridgen said: “I commend the governor on his bold stance to continue to improve the lives of New York’s workers and families. I am in support of the governor's proposal that would gradually phase in a $15.00 minimum wage for city employees.”

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