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Monday, October 26, 2015

Your vote for 2nd Ward City Council is clear
There’s already a member who fights for her ward.
With an impeccable record in just one year
Some significant housing issues are restored.

We have all seen her talk at the meetings
Let her thoughtful discussions resume.
Aren’t we sick and tired of the rubber stamps
With their minds made up before entering the room?

She’ll continue to focus on what we require
Clean water, clean streets, police and fire.
The other issue for which she’ll fight
Is to finally reverse this city’s blight.

Let’s provide her with a full term
To get the groundwork for financial stability laid.
On November 3rd go out and vote
For the candidate who has her taxes paid.

This city’s brightest days are ahead of us
But it will take more than yard signs to support her campaign.
It’s time to turn Lockport around for us all
Vote for Anita Mullane!

-- Dave Yacono is a City of Lockport resident

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