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Saturday, October 31, 2015

In 1991, I met Anne McCaffrey, and made one of the best hiring decisions of my 40-year-
plus career in human services. At that time, Anne was a recent college grad, obviously both intelligent and highly motivated to help people in need. Over the next 19 years, working her way up to a key management position at Lakeshore Behavioral Health, Anne developed a high level of expertise in service delivery, personnel management, consumer advocacy and effective grant
writing. Some of her outstanding accomplishment included creating new services for the homeless, and for women in substance abuse treatment.

Anne became skilled at budget management, working effectively in the complex environment of state and county contracting. She also became a highly respected and knowledgeable collaborator within the network of local human service agencies. These abilities led to significant increases in the resources available for the people she served.

Anne McCaffrey performed a very intense and demanding job, in a very crisis prone environment, with extremely limited financial resources. She did this with dedication, integrity, and professionalism, and was highly regarded by her colleagues.

So why should the people of Lockport care? I’d suggest a moment’s thought on what it takes to be your mayor shows that Anne’s skills and experience are exactly what’s needed. In her first term, Anne has brought Lockport from a city in crisis to one with a budget newly in the black.

She has brought in over 5.5 million in new grants to assist city residents and has negotiated a new Code of Ethics policy and established a City Audit committee to avoid  the problems of the past and keep things moving in a positive direction.

I’ve never regretted hiring her; I’m sure you will be glad you did too.

-- Susan Piper is a Buffalo resident

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