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Friday, October 30, 2015

Since moving to Lockport nearly 30 years ago we have immersed ourselves in serving our community from Rotary and the Kenan Center to the Historic Palace Theater.

We truly love Lockport. Additionally, we have watched it transform dramatically in terms of industry, economics and demographics.

One of our most memorable encounters while living here came in 1991 attending the Eastern Niagara Chamber of Commerce Expo at the Kenan Center where we formally met Anne McCaffrey for the first time. We were instantly impressed with her poise and confidence. We have watched her donate her time, her talents and her energy to the Lockport community while balancing a thriving career and raising a family.

Last winter, we were especially honored to be present for the swearing-in of Anne McCaffrey as Mayor of the City of Lockport. This change in administration quickly shook a city – in the midst of a financial and emotional crisis. We had faith that Anne McCaffrey understood and accepted this serious challenge. With Anne’s integrity, resourcefulness, intelligence, leadership, education and strong affection for Lockport, she was prepared for this unexpected moment. We knew that our city was in good hands.

Mayor McCaffrey immediately restored our faith and confidence at City Hall. Mayor McCaffrey made difficult decisions to right-size our City’s operations and implemented a balanced budget.  Mayor McCaffrey turned a million dollar deficit into a surplus and has continued to champion economic projects such as the Flight of Five and Cornerstone Hockey Arena.

We have watched Mayor McCaffrey rise up to make Lockport a place we can all be proud of. We know that Mayor McCaffrey had very difficult decisions to struggle with, but in spite of some undue criticism she has held her head high because she knew that her only mission was to stabilize our City and lay a new foundation for future generations to build on.

On Election Day, let’s stand by Anne McCaffrey a sensible, forward thinking, creative leader who has stood by us, as our Mayor and community servant.

Lockport is a better place because of our friend, Anne McCaffrey.

Thank you Anne for all that you do!

-- David and Kathy Greenfield are Town of Lockport residents

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