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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

WRIGHTS CORNERS — A 30-year-old Newfane man was charged with driving while impaired by drugs after a traffic stop on Aug. 26.

According to the just-released Niagara County Sheriff's Office report, Jonathan R. Wagner, 6394 Rounds Road, was seen driving erratically before being pulled over by patrol.

"As patrol approached the vehicle, I observed the operator of the vehicle shuffling an unknown item around on the front passenger seat," the report says, later stating that Wagner admitted that he was hiding a hypodermic syringe under items on his passenger seat.

"While speaking to Mr. Wagner, he admitted to shooting up heroin earlier in the day inside of a vein in his left leg," the report said.

After securing the hypodermic syringe from the front passenger seat, Deputy Craig Beiter conducted a K-9 search inside of the vehicle, leading patrol to locate "several empty suspected heroin wrappers" and a white powder substance, which tested negative for heroin.

Wagner was taken to ENH-Lockport for a drug test and then remanded to Niagara County Jail where he was held on $250 bail. He was charged with operating a motor vehicle impaired by drugs, failure to stay right and criminal possession of a hypodermic instrument and scheduled for arraignment in Town of Newfane Court on Sept. 1.

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  1. And the couldn't get Jedidiah Aiken off the streets until he stole from a person shopping??? Give me a break.


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