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Thursday, September 17, 2015
Bruce Adams works diligently on the Mural on Main this afternoon. Augustina Droze is also toiling away, although she's hidden by the lift. The pair say the mural may be completed Friday. (PHOTOS BY SCOTT LEFFLER / ENP STAFF)

By +Scott Leffler

The characters in the 42-by-60 painting are nearly lifelike. 
Artist Augustina Droze says the Mural on Main will be finished on Friday. Her partner in art, Bruce Adams hopes she's right.

"I'm not 100 percent sure" he said while painting from the lift this afternoon. "But no more than the weekend."

"It will definitely be done tomorrow," Droze countered.

The mural is slated to have a grand unveiling and dedication at noon Sept. 26.

Having started just a month ago, the pair has made quick work of the 42-by-60-foot painting on the east side of Mills Jewelers.

Droze said that the mural's complexity has been the most difficult thing of doing the painting. "It's very detailed. There's no area that's simple."

Adams added that the pair have worked to ensure that it's as accurate as possible. "There is so much Lockport pride that I think we feel obligated to get it right."

The traffic on Main Street has led to many compliments while the pair has
worked on the mural. (ENP FILE PHOTO)
That Lockport pride has shown itself to Droze and Adams in the form of "thank you"s from passers-by. 

"I've never had a 'thank you' before," Droze said — despite her extensive experience at painting murals around (and outside of) the country. 

"The people of Lockport have been unbelievably supportive," Adams said. Many have honked and yelled out the window as they drove by. Others stop to take pictures. Still more have brought the pair beverages to enjoy in their infrequent downtime.

While the artistic part of the mural may be finished this weekend, more work will need to be done. A clear protective layer will be added to the mural in about a week. And then there's cleanup.

"(Mills Jewelers owner) George Fritz has been extremely accommodating," Adams said, explaining that the pair have used the basement of the jewelry store for storage — and there's plenty of tidying for them to do. They also have to make sure that the mechanical lift is pristine before returning it. 

But as far as most Lockportians are concerned, the mural will be finished this weekend. Maybe even Friday.

After the project is completed, Droze has a new adventure. She will be traveling to China to teach art. She spent part of this afternoon trying to convince Adams that he was going to come visit.


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