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Thursday, September 10, 2015
Jess took time out to stand in a sprinkler. Another check mark on the Dog Days list. (CONTRIBUTED PHOTO)

With everyone going back to school, there must be a whole lot of parents taking that big deep breathe and relaxing. It is already September, and the month is flying by!

I left out a checkmark last column. I climbed a tree! Boy was that easier to do when I was 10! While in Syracuse, we had a mini picnic in a park in Ithaca, and there were trees! As soon as I seen it, I knew I could take care of another check mark! So I did!

Another small but fun checkmark added was standing in a sprinkler. It was originally going to be an “abnormal” sprinkler which meant that it was the huge sprinkler that waters a field at a school, but I never seen one this summer. I settled with standing in a random sprinkler in Buffalo that was watering plants. The owner thought I was very strange!

Lastly, I saw a new band, Craving Strange! They were amazing. They were actually performing on campus the first week of class, and then they also performed in the radio station lobby the same day. It was really cool to sit on the couches in the lobby and be able to see them performing live on air inches away from me. What a fantastic group of people! I was very happy that day to hang out with them for a couple hours!

As the summer draws close and the semester starts in full swing, the dog days are almost over! See you next week!

+Jessica Cassick is back in school but still working on her list. Her column runs every Thursday evening. 

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