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Thursday, August 6, 2015
Sure is difficult to plan for life when life is busy making other plans.

I have always been told I have this obnoxious luck on my side, and I have always kind of loved it. When I say obnoxious luck, I mean, run out of gas as I am pulling into a gas station, or spin out during the winter when I was 19 into a field and miss every object I could have hit…a telephone pole, a fire hydrant, some other pole that I am not sure why it was there, and a speed limit sign.

Or making a cake for my sister and being in such a hurry that I drop it on the ground ... outside ... in the rain ... and it didn’t break and I was still able to salvage it with more frosting. What ... that didn’t happen. Wink.

This year has been so crazy. I have been so busy go-go-going so that I cannot focus on the deep loss, and awful sadness that I wake up to everyday. But that is what a bucket list really is right?

A list of things to bring the feeling of life back to you. A list of things that make your life worth having lived it because you know you accomplished things.

The year has ended since my father “didn’t make it.” And I have not stopped racing forward like death is trying to catch me too. But it has been amazing. I’ve accomplished more in this year than I ever have in my life…aside from, ya know, creating a whole human being with my own body ... that’s pretty big too.

I hope someone out there has started making their bucket list, or even checking things off of theirs. The time is now. You cannot sit around waiting for life to happen because it sure comes in like a torpedo and usually comes in more than once to show you what you are made of.

This week has been my torpedo week. It is still showing me what I am made of, but I am not going to be the girl standing in the rain having dropped her umbrella, crying and staring at the cake on the ground. I am the girl that made a list of things I wanted to do and checked off 17 of those things. It is hard looking at the list I made and thinking, maybe I won’t check off everything. Or maybe as the summer draws to an end, I will pick the things most important to me.

Either way, with still 64 days until the final Dog Days column, the bucket list is a huge success for me.

+Jessica Cassick is an eternal optimist. Go go gadget motivation!

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