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Sunday, July 12, 2015

TOWN OF LOCKPORT — After a crash Saturday night that saw two people on a motorcycle taken to Erie County Medical Center with injuries, Transit Drive-In owner Rick Cohen wants the speed limit reduced in front of his business.

Cohen opened the drive-in early on Saturday due to anticipated extra traffic to see the new "Minions" movie. Still by 8:30, he said, "the road became swamped with traffic to get in for Minions, which sold out on both screens by 9 p.m. for the second night in a row."

The accident occurred while a line of cars was waiting on the east shoulder of South Transit Road — and another line was waiting in the northbound median — to get into the show.

According to NCSO, the motorcyclist struck a southbound vehicle on South Transit Road, then struck two vehicles that were in the median before crossing into the northbound lane, where it was struck by a northbound vehicle.

The names of the injured are still being withheld while the investigation continues.

Cohen isn't certain all the circumstances that led to the accident, but said the speed limit being reduced would certainly help.

"In my opinion, the road in front of the drive-in should have been reduced to 45 mph, as it already is in front of the ball park and the bowling lanes," Cohen told East Niagara Post. "It might also be prudent for people to more closely observe road conditions, and adjust their speed accordingly."

Many people in the Lockportians Facebook group want to place the blame for the accident on the drive-in, while others seemingly agree with Cohen that careful driving could have prevented it.

"While we are saddened by the accident, there was no action on behalf of the drive-in which would have prevented it from occurring," Cohen said.

Cohen expects another sell-out crowd for tonight's showing of the animated feature and advises movie-goers to arrive early — as always.


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1 comment:

  1. We drove from West Amherst, and got about 1/2 mile from the Drive-In at 9:10 PM and saw flashing lights, when we got closer, the FD asked where we were going and we said "Transit Drive-In" They told us we would have to take the next right and follow the traffic because the road was blocked due to an accident.

    We drove for awhile and finally made it back to Transit Rd, and when we got to the Drive-In, the road was blocked from the North side also, and we tried calling Lockport PD and was told it wasn't their jurisdiction and to call South Lockport PD, but there wasn't any answers, so we had to turn around and parked off the road in a lot and tried calling the Lockport FD, but no luck. this was about 9:30 now, and we really wanted to see Minions, and we waited for almost an hour to see if the road would open, but it was still closed, so we drove home and waited until about 11:15, and tried calling Lockport FD Dispatch, and they told us that it was still blocked, so we weren't able to go to the Drive-In.

    I do not feel it was Transit Drive-In's fault at all. It was due to the higher speed limit, and I also believe that people who wanted to leave the Drive-In had to stay until the accident scene was cleared


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