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Friday, July 31, 2015
By +Scott Leffler

Roger Sherrie
Lockport mayoral hopeful Roger Sherrie is hoping for a series of debates between himself and follow Democrat candidate Mike Pillot heading into the Sept. 11 primary.

Sherrie send a letter to the City Democratic Committee asking they sponsor the debates. He said that petitioning results of both mayoral campaigns “represent significant, perhaps historic efforts to engage democrats in the election process and they responded enthusiastically.”

"Even though voters may be familiar with my opponent from his two unsuccessful challenges to Republican Mayor Mike Tucker, circumstances in the city have changed dramatically and voters should be able to see and hear from both Democrat candidates so they can compare qualifications and contrast plans each has for the city,” Sherrie said.

“Ideally it would be nice to have a debate in each of the five wards so voters can attend without great difficulty or sacrifice.” But he said finding a suitable location in each ward “could prove difficult. I trust the city committee can arrange a format, ground rules and location(s) suitable to both of us and I call upon my opponent to support my call for these debates.”

Pillot told East Niagara Post this afternoon that he's agreeable to the idea of having debates, providing they can find a format that is fair and agreeable to the parties involved.

Pillot wondered why the debates would not include incumbent Mayor Anne McCaffrey.

Sherrie said it "makes no sense to include the mayor at this point (pre-primary)."

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