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Friday, July 31, 2015

Mike Pillot, running for City of Lockport Mayor on the Democrat line, has received the endorsement of Laborers' International Union of North America Local 91.

The union informed Pillot via a letter on Monday of the endorsement decision. Pillot forwarded that letter to East Niagara Post. It follows in its entirety:
Laborers' Local #91 strongly supports Michael J. Pillot running for City of Lockport mayor on the Democratic line. Michael holds certain qualities such as honesty, and determination that are crucial for the city to succeed. Michael sincerely cares about the people that live in Lockport. He has good intentions of helping residents to live more comfortably by making improvements in finance departments that affect the everyday working individual. Michael also has previous union affiliations holding a career as a police officer. As a union member you gain certain traits that are apparent to others such as dependability, great communication skills, and also working together collaboratively to achieve a better place. As you can see with his traits listed above and determination I truly believe that Michael will not disappoint as Mayor of Lockport.


Richard Palladino

Business Manager

Laborers' Local #91

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