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Saturday, July 4, 2015
Niagara County Sheriff's Office personnel place a man into a cruiser this morning following a standoff on Checkered Tavern Road. (PHOTOS BY STEPHEN M. WALLACE / CONTRIBUTOR)


New York State Police were ready to act with deadly force if the situation
called for it.
WRIGHTS CORNERS — An armed standoff on Checkered Tavern Road ended late this morning with the suspect subdued by TASER and detained without injury to himself or law enforcement.

It all started when the Niagara County Sheriff's Office responded to the report of loud noises at a residence at 3687 Checkered Tavern Road. Once in scene, deputies found a male outside the house in a trailer threatening to use a firearm and or "burn the place down."

Senior Road Lt. Kevin Mack raced to the scene and set up a perimeter with his men using issued tactical gear. The Emergency Response Team was called immediately under the co-direction of LT Gary May. New York State Police also responded to provide additional coverage and manpower.

Police and the suspect — as yet unnamed — had a considerable amount of verbal communication, getting the suspect to lower his guard. That allowed tactical deputies to get closer and use a TASER rather than deadly force. Just in case, high-powered weapons were trained on the man and NCSO Deputy Craig Beiter and his K9 Taz were on hand, as well.

The suspect "ripped the TASER darts out of his chest like a person would swat a bee," one witness said. But another deputy then discharged a second TASER on the rear of the suspect, after which the law enforcement team was able to secure the suspect to the ground.

After the suspect was detained and searched he was removed to a waiting marked unit. Wrights Corners emergency stand-by team and EMT Johnathon McKnight checked the suspect over who is no uncertain words told him he was fine.

It is unknown at this time, what — if any — charges have been levied against the suspect.

Sheriff's Deputy Craig Beiter and his K9 Taz were on hand in case the suspect fled.

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