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Monday, June 22, 2015

A letter from Fourth-Ward Alderman Pat Schrader explains the Memorial Day Cruise Night incident in which the Navy Marine Club was asked to stop selling food in front of their Park Avenue building.

Schrader, who signed the letter as "Lockport Monday Night Cruise Optimist President," a position he also holds, said he wasn't acting in his role as an alderman at the time and didn't intend to get the police involved.

Schrader's letter follows below in its entirety:
I feel compelled to write this letter to dispel and clarify many false statements, innuendos, and allegations that have been attributed to me and about me.

First and foremost, I regret that the problem that occurred at Ida Fritz Park, a few weeks ago, happened. It should have never been a problem. The “Cruise” is an event to promote Kids, Family and Lockport. Family, Fun and Free. An event, in the summer, to show off older vehicles and visit your family “Lockport.”

I, by no means, intended to be an alderman or get the police department involved and I did discuss this situation with the police chief. I am sorry and apologize to my fellow Optimists for the problem, I caused them.

I am, also upset that a couple of individuals, tried to take advantage of the “Cruise” for financial gains. Last year they participated. This year, a individual stated, "we voted to pay the vendors fee; The check will be in the mail." Finally after three weeks of no check, I asked about the check: The vote to participate is not in the minutes, a quote. I asked for a police officer and showed him the resolution, as president of the club. The officer talked to these gentlemen and they left for the evening. Much later, they created a mountain for the uninformed.

Veterans are part of the community and I am a Boy Scout merit badge counselor. I try to teach the young men about their rights and responsibilities. Many women and men (the armed forces) work daily to protect our rights and responsibilities. Obey the laws, support your community, volunteering, voting, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and love your country.  

Again, the club is working to promote Kids, the Family and Lockport. The few dollars we have at the end of year goes to charity. For the past 15 years, the Monday Night Cruise, has been dedicated to bringing older vehicles to Lockport, to show off the vehicles and to be a family, fun and free event.

I wear many hats in the City of Lockport. I work tirelessly for the betterment of Lockport 24/7.

The Cruise Optimist Club is only one of many things I do for the Lockport community. I by no means intended to be an alderman in this situation, this innuendo is a lie. The thought never occurred to me. I am Pat Schrader, lifelong Lockport resident, volunteer and a member of many organizations, and hope to be around to continue promoting Lockport. Come join us.  

Oh, by the way, I am a middle-aged man, walking my dog, “Pearl,” checking the ward, visiting often with neighbors, discussing many things and answering questions. My ward meetings are daily.


— Pat Schrader, President, Lockport Monday Night Optimists

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  1. Doesn't really explain much, what took so long for this "apology"?

  2. time pat and joe kibler go and volunteer down at widewaters as bath room attendents


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