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Friday, June 19, 2015

ALBANY -- State Sen. Rob Ortt, R-North Tonawanda, issued a statement shortly after midnight on his thoughts on his first legislative session since as a state senator.

He said there were highs and lows in the state's capitol and took the Democrat-led state Assembly and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to task.

Ortt's statement follows in its entirety:
I’ve seen the best and the worst of government throughout my first legislative session. There have been true victories for the people of New York. We prioritized Upstate through billion dollar investments in education, infrastructure, economic development programs, energy, and agriculture. We increased critical services to veterans returning from combat, children without adequate health care, women subjected to rape and domestic violence, victims of mental illness, and individuals and families affected by disabilities. Stricter measures against drug dealers and sex offenders will keep our families and communities safe.

“But I’ve also seen a debilitating ethical cloud hang over Albany and extreme political posturing paralyze the work of the people. The Governor threatened to shut down government unless legislators accepted his divisive education proposals. When legislators and small businesses raised concerns over his attempts to increase employee wages, the Governor decided to shun legislative compromise and instead deferred to an executive-controlled wage board.

“We also saw the Assembly and Governor walk away from important discussions on education, jeopardize the cap on property taxes, and common sense reforms to the unconstitutional SAFE Act – all because the Senate’s eight year extension of rent control didn’t conform to their strict, liberal base. The Senate will adjourn session and return to town next week. I’m hopeful that time away from Albany’s blinding political haze will afford the Governor and Assembly a new perspective on compromise and priorities. Hard-working New Yorkers don’t care about partisan extremes, they care about everyday issues like providing for and protecting their families.”

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