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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Richard Matt
Niagara County Sheriff Jim Voutour said his office is "helping" in the manhunt for escaped murderer Richard Matt, who fled the Clinton Correctional Facility sometime overnight.

Voutour said his office was notified early this morning that Matt had escaped the state prison.

"Any escape from state prison, the state police handle," Voutour said. "We are helping ... with some resources." He declined to publicly go into further details because it is an active investigation and manhunt.

Matt had reportedly broken out of the Erie County jail in Alden in 1986 while serving a one-year sentence on an assault charge. During his 2007 trial in Niagara County Court, he was given extra security due to fear he was a risk of escaping.

"He had extra security with him going to court," Voutour said.

Matt was on trial for the 1997 slaying of North Tonawanda businessman William Rickerson. According to court records, Matt tortured and beat the 76-year-old before killing him.

State Police have said he is a danger to the public and ask anyone who comes into contact with him to call 911 or the New York State Police immediately at (518) 563-3761.


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  1. Sorry to say, but, I have seen it too many times......need to proof read articles for proper word usage.


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