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Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Lockport Police Department is warning area residents against scam phone calls claiming to be from the IRS telling the person answering the phone that they're being sued.

According to a post on the LPD Facebook page, the calls are from "foreign scammers attempting to extract money or information."

The LPD post gives some tips:

* If you are being sued by the IRS you will know why and it will be done in writing
* The IRS already knows your SS#
* If there is background noise like a football game, its not the IRS
* Calling the IRS and speaking to someone is an act of magic, so them calling you is another act of magic
* The IRS will not ask for personal info over the phone

Finally, the LPD post advises to "just hang up and do not give any information," adding "tell them to put it in writing and they will probably hang up on you."

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