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Friday, May 1, 2015
Why doesn’t any news agency have the backbone to say, "why isn't Oprah making T-shirts supporting the African American Mother who slapped the crap out of her high school age son who was taking part in civil unrest?" And how about Obama, he should be having this mother in the Rose Garden for peanuts and beer. He does everyone else when he opens his mouth.

Yep, that’s right I am a caucasian male supporting an African American female who realizes that there is a right and wrong way to get things done. No, sorry ... I am a father who is damn proud of this mother who doesn’t hide behind race. She is a mother and she demands her child to follow rules and listen to what she says.

Sorry, I don't have the billions Oprah has, but I'd make this mother a T-Shirt any day.

You see, this mother, in my opinion, realizes burning, looting, and hurting, isn't going to solve prejudice or injustice, it is only going to give support to radical groups, however, it won't give the ratings to the big news agencies that thrive on only showing you part of the story, and not covering the other side of the story.

Nice job mom, your son realizes you are ahead of your household.

 — Stephen M Wallace is a contributing photographer for East Niagara Post.

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