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Saturday, May 30, 2015
Writing a food column for East Niagara Post comes with a few amazing perks. One of my favorites is the fact that I get to buy new clothes every month- not because I want to, because I have to. The food in this neck of the woods is so scrumptious that I’ve been blessed with the gift of a new wardrobe due to an increased waistline. In my travels these past few months I have stumbled across some unique menu
items and some downright weird ones too. For example, did you know Steakstone & Sushi serves Jellyfish? Thankfully it’s seasonal and I didn’t have to try it … yet.

I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favorite “Unique Eats” that I found right here in East Niagara. It was hard to choose five but I narrowed it down to the best dishes that were sampled this month.

#5 Pineapple Rice from Steakstone & Sushi

Pineapple Rice sounds simple enough, just the name alone alludes to the fact that it’s probably rice with pineapple in it. What if I told you it is rice with pineapple in it in a pineapple. Huh? Yes, you read that right. Steakstone cuts a pineapple in half, takes out the fruit, cooks the rice along with any vegetables and your choice of chicken, steak, or shrimp, and then serves the rice inside the pineapple. It’s bizarre, it’s fun, and it’s delicious. A perfect balance of sweet and savory.

#4 Pretzel Crust from Pizza Hut

Wait, what’s a chain pizzeria doing on this list when East Niagara has some of the best pizzerias in Western New York? Pretzel Crust-It’s a game changer. Pizza Hut has revamped their menu to cater to the modern, hip & trendy, eaters. Their new menu offers spicy sirracha drizzles, a buffalo chicken pizza, and the aforementioned Pretzel Crust. The new crust almost tastes like those Auntie Anne’s pretzels that are at every mall in America.  Seeing that you can get their “Big Box Meal Deal” for $20, that includes breadsticks, boneless wings, and two pizzas, you really can’t go wrong by ordering one regular pizza and one with the new crust.

#3 Banana-Cinnamon Delight from Gordie Harper’s Bazaar

So imagine a place that bakes their own bread daily. Now imagine they take their cinnamon bread, grill it, drizzle it with a sweet sauce that will make your head spin with joy, and then top it with bananas. They serve up two slices for $4.75, I was full after one but the second one was sinfully delicious too.

#2 Jumbo Stuffed Mozzarella Meatball from DeFlippo’s

Living in East Niagara, I would imagine you’ve had a DeFlippo’s meatball. The legendary Italian Restaurant has been serving them for generations for a reason-They’re delicious. Now Imagine a DeFlippo’s meatball the size of a baseball. Crazy right? Now imagine that baseball sized meatball stuffed with mozzarella cheese then erupts out of it as you cut into it. The fact that they cover this modern marvel with their signature homemade red sauce makes something that couldn’t be better, spectacular.

#1 Gin and Juice Sherbet from Lake Effect Ice Cream 

I don’t know how the owners of Lake Effect pulled this one off-Gin & Juice ice cream. Take one bite of this “super refreshing mix of orange & Grapefruit juice spiked with gin” and you’ll understand why it made the list. I’m not quite sure if the guys at Lake Effect are geniuses or they are just two guys that threw a cocktail in the ice cream machine one night just for kicks. Either way, this sherbet was not only refreshing, it was absolutely divine. After licking my final bite off the spoon I glanced at the counter and wondered if the cashier would judge me if I ordered another round.

+Jay BĂ©rent  had to be escorted off the premises of Lake Effect Ice Cream after his seventh round of Gin & Juice sherbet. He was last seen stumbling down Transit mumbling “I don’t care how much you pay me, I’m not eating the Jellyfish from Steakstone.” Know of some unique eats? Email him at

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