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Wednesday, April 22, 2015
By +Scott Leffler

David Mongielo
TOWN OF LOCKPORT — Businessman and frequent government critic David Mongielo is running for the Niagara County Legislature's 12th district.

Mongielo, notable for his years-long fight with the Town of Lockport over an electric sign in front of his Robinson Road business, has twice run for Town of Lockport supervisor. He said he's changing his focus to the county because of the amount of effect state and county issues affect taxpayers on the local level. He also did a write-in campaign for Legislature two years ago.

"The state more or less affects the town," Mongielo said this evening by phone. "So state issues overwhelm everything else, specifically at the county level."

Mongielo will be seeking the seat currently held by Republican Rick Updegrove.

"It's frustrating," Mongielo said. "There needs to be change."

"There seems to be a little more frustration at the state level and the county level," he said. "I don't like how they meet secretly ... they do their little caucus there in the back room. What they do is wrong."

Mongielo said he's frustrated with the system of doing business in the Legislature, which minimizes any opposition and ignores the minority caucus. He said that Minority Leader Dennis Virtuoso "has a lot of good ideas."

"We need to bring accountability back," he said. "We really need to put the power back to the people."

The Ernest Road resident is runnin as a conservative and seeking the GOP and independence lines.

He released a statement announcing his candidacy. It follows below in its entirety.
Hello, my name is David Mongielo and I am announcing my candidacy for the Niagara County Legislature’s 12th district. I am a registered Conservative; I live and own an automotive business in the Town of Lockport. I have decided to run for this position because I believe we need to have more transparency and accountability in county and state government. It would be an honor to be elected to office and that honor and trust should never be taken for granted. Our representatives need to be true public servants, and more responsive to the needs of people in our community. Niagara County is notorious for being one of the highest tax counties in the nation; based on the percentage values of our homes. I want to work to change that. Our present incumbent will tell you what a fine job they are doing. How good can it be when Niagara County is in a financial crisis? Our full value tax rate is extremely high because of the outrageous spending and bad policy making decisions. We in Western NY pay the highest taxes in the state and 55% higher electrical rates than the rest of the nation. Why are our rates so high when we have the largest hydroelectric power plant owned by the people; how can we expect to attract business to our area? We are already notorious for giving huge tax abatements and cheap electricity to companies. Remember, when someone doesn’t have to pay county, school, sales taxes someone else has to pickup the tab. Most of our legislators voted consistently to hire and keep patronage jobs and voted for high pay raises for them.

Our current majority legislators have voted to stop almost all public criticism by passing rules on the public speaking session. This has discouraged the public from attending meetings, this alone is a violation of your right to free speech. My opponent was the petitioner in a frivolous lawsuit that cost the county over $250,000. IN CASINO revenue.

It is refreshing to have a federal prosecutor investigating political corruption in Niagara County, but sad that our own country jury and judicial system could not investigate these crimes, keeping officials in check locally, the fix is long overdue.

On a personal note, I have been privileged to serve on many current and past community organizations that involve political reform, charitable causes, and participation in coaching youth activities. Such activities involving political reform include being designated as a local leader of Primary Challenge, Taxed Enough Already N.Y, The National Liberty Alliance, and a member of S.C.O.P.E. I have conducted numerous presentations on teaching people how to get involved and fix current government issues.

I am actively working to support the N.Y State constitutional convention in 2017, to stop party manipulation of the ballots before elections and to repeal many laws that violate our rights, in particular, laws that prohibit first responders to help people needing medical attention.

Aside from my activism in political reform, I have had the honor of coaching the Kenan Center little league soccer team. I am a former elected trustee of South Lockport volunteer Fire Department and have participated in responding to over 200 emergency calls per year. In addition, I have supported a multitude of charitable causes and organizations. I enjoy interacting with the community about government matters so please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding my candidacy. My name is David Mongielo and I would like to be your next Niagara County legislator.

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