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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Below is the full text of Mayor Anne McCaffrey's press release announcing her candidacy for a full term as mayor.
Lockport City Mayor, Anne McCaffrey, announced her candidacy today to seek a full term as Mayor, in which she plans to continue the fiscal recovery of Lockport that she has led since taking office just over a year ago.

Since McCaffrey took office in February of 2014, she identified multiple financial crises facing Lockport and immediately took corrective actions to stabilize the city’s finances and prevent future distress on city taxpayers.

“I am running for mayor to continue the hard work that must be done to build upon the economic improvements that we have made in the past year,” said McCaffrey.  “We have created fiscal accountability through a number of safeguards, including the implementation of a new independent audit committee, policies that create greater financial transparency and spending reductions that have put us back on a responsible path.”

A focus on economic development has led to new development including Cornerstone CFCU Arena, The Lockport Locks Flight of 5, and Trek, Inc., which McCaffrey considers flagships and local economic drivers for the future.  This development has already brought over 200 new jobs to Lockport.  “We have put our local economy in a position to grow and develop, we are seeing great interest in new private sector investment, and I want to continue the momentum we have achieved since we have restored fiscal responsibility to Lockport.”

McCaffrey firmly believes in leading by example.  After taking office, she cut up the mayor’s credit card and sold the mayor’s official vehicle, returning the proceeds back to the taxpayers.  In addition, with the cooperation of the city council, she implemented new nonpartisan ethics reforms that will restore public trust and bring greater transparency to Lockport City Government.  “I have the opportunity to speak to residents every day, as a member of the Lockport Rotary or volunteering with Youth Mentoring Services, residents want a city government that has the community’s interest at heart.  People take pride in their city, and elected officials should take pride in representing the community,” said McCaffrey.  

The mayor concluded, “As the mother of three, I want to give our children opportunities for success, I want to grow our community, encourage development, create jobs and keep our city safe and affordable.  The future is bright.  We have taken the right steps to put us on the path to success and I am proud to announce my candidacy to keep us on that path.”

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