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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Source: Niagara County Fire Coordinator
LOCKPORT—Niagara County’s fire coordinator urged county residents to ensure fire hydrants are dug out this morning, noting that the extra time firefighters spend shoveling their way to buried hydrants can prove disastrous during a fire.

“During an emergency and especially a fire, time is critical and every second counts. The extra minutes that a firefighter spends digging out a fire hydrant can make a significant difference in how quickly a fire can be extinguished and damage limited,” Fire Coordinator Jonathan Schultz said this morning, noting that this winter’s harsh snowfall totals and long-term below-freezing temperatures had made access to fireplugs a concern for county firefighters.

Schultz asked residents to be mindful of where hydrants are in their neighborhoods.

“I’m asking residents and business owners to consider ‘adopting’ a hydrant or two near their business or residence this winter by keeping them clear of snow,” Schultz said.  “This is critical to public safety at a time of year when there are increased fire hazards from heaters and indoor fireplaces.”

Schultz offered advice to neighbors pitching in to clear hydrants.

“Snow should be removed about three feet away from the hydrant in all directions, with a pathway cleared between the hydrant and the roadway, so your local firefighters can access them readily if they need to,” Schultz said.

Schultz provided the attached graphics, demonstrating proper hydrant clearing.                  

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1 comment:

  1. with that much snow you can't expect the citizens to shovel them out. I had to call the city and they came with a front loader. the plows constantly end up plowing them in. Can't help it they are the side of the road and that is were it goes


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