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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Actor Joe Mantegna prepares for an episode of Criminal Minds. Mantegna's
character, David Rossi, made reference to Lockport on Wednesday's edition
It would seem all of Facebook has been devoted to people talking about Wednesday night's episode of Criminal Minds.

The private Facebook group "Lockportians" has no less than three posts dedicated to the topic. It's also been posted by several local residents to their own Facebook pages.

In the episode, which ran on CBS, Joe Mantegna's character, David Rossi tells a story about a time when former character Jason Gideon went down Rattlesnake Hill on a sled, jumping off at the last second before it smacked into a headstone in what is likely to be St. Patrick's Cemetery, although the name was never stated.

Today, "Rattlesnake Hill," is considered to be Gooding Street, but that hasn't always been the case. Historically speaking, it was "the hill going up to VanDeMark."

The episode was co-written by series star Kirsten Vangsness and Erica Messer, who also wrote a previous episode which took place in Lockport. The season five "Retaliation," followed a bank robber who escapes in Lockport during prison transport.

Messer has no visible connection to Lockport, according to the show's Wiki Page or IMdB. She was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Maryland before moving to Los Angeles.

Wednesday's episode gave Lockport a potential new — albeit false — slogan thanks to Mantegna: "Lockport: the only time it doesn't snow is on the Fourth of July."

A call this morning to Criminal Minds executives for comment on their interest in Lockport has not yet been returned.

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  1. I have never watched CRIMINAL MINDS, but I just had to see this episode (on netflix)....and then went back to the beginning of Season One and an watching the first episode. I may be hooked! The other episode which features Lockport is season five, episode eleven

  2. Well, I'm 56 and grew up on Lock St. and "Rattlesnake Hill" was the patch of land by the train tracks/overpass over Gooding St. when I was a kid. So if it was ever elsewhere, that was quite a long time ago.


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