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Thursday, November 13, 2014

A thorough expose on Burt's own John Beilein was posted Wednesday on a Michigan news and sports website,

The story, written by Brendan F. Quinn, starts in 1975, before Beilein began his teaching — and coaching — career at Newfane High School.

It features many details of East Niagara, particularly Burt and Newfane. One nugget of perspective from Michigan:
If you go hunting for Burt, New York — John Beilein's official hometown in his University of Michigan biography — be prepared for confusion. Burt is not a town. There are no signs pointing you to Burt. It's merely a sliver of a town called Newfane, nestled in the panorama of northern Niagara County.
There is also information about Beilein's time at Erie Community College — including an insider's perspective on how he originally got the job coaching basketball there. It mentions his gigs at Nazareth College, Le Moyne, Canisius, University of Richmond, West Virginia University, and of course, the University of Michigan.

It features quotes from Beilein family members, including Molly Maigret and Sara Capen — and mentions others, still. It mentions DeSales, Olcott, and other aspects of life in East Niagara not typically discussed outside of East Niagara. It also quotes Bob Sanders, who taught Beilein at Newfane Middle School. There's a photo of Mike Ennis, Mike White and Dave Farrugia at Danny Sheehan's Steak House.

Quinn said the four-month project included 48 interviews. There are dozens of photos accompanying the story.

One comment on the story says it is an "Excellent story on an excellent man. John Beilein is an inspiration to those of us who could settle, but aspire to what hard work can bring about. You can tell he does 'live for others,' especially his players and family."

Another calls it an "Incredibly well written story. This would make a great 30 for 30 ESPN documentary!"

Judge for yourself. Read the full story here.

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