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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Adam LaJoie of LaJoie's Delivery Service talks with Moe Sharian, owner of
Kwik Stop, Wednesday morning. Kwik Stop is just one of dozens of places
that LaJoie and his father Charles deliver from. (HEATHER N. GRIMMER /
About 18 months ago, Adam LaJoie shared what he thought was a brilliant idea with his father, Charles — a delivery business that delivers fast food, coffee, convenience store stuff,  you name it.

Charles loved the idea as much as if he'd thought of it himself. Actually, he had thought of it himself. He told Adam that he had pretty much the same thought 10 years ago.

Adam and Charles pondered and they planned. They plotted and prepared. The pair got a "DBA" (doing business as) license from Niagara County and LaJoie's Delivery Service was born. And on Sept. 7, they delivered — literally.

"It started out slow as anything does," Adam said of the new venture. "But we've easily doubled and tripled our business."

What all does LaJoie's deliver? "Pretty much anything that's not already delivered," Adam said. "Groceries, restaurant food, convenience store items, coffee. The only real exceptions are tobacco and alcohol."

It's like a personal concierge service — for $5 a pop. Or $7, depending on whether the delivery necessitates a trip outside of city limits. One of the LaJoies takes your order, gets your stuff, and brings it to your doorstep or business for the cost of the items plus the fee. Tips are, of course, welcomed.

One caveat, Adam said, they don't want to do anyone's grocery shopping. If customers need a specific item — or a few items — at a specific store, they'll gladly do that. But "we're trying to stay away from the large orders. We're trying to make it as fast as possible."

The business is open 24/7 with a simple phone call to 258-2957.

For more information, check their Facebook page, where they've been posting specials.

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