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Thursday, April 24, 2014
City officials are giving thought to limiting vehicular traffic on certain streets to only those who must travel on it.

Many neighborhood streets remain riddled with potholes following the tough winter and what many have called a lackluster "blitz" by the city. Local media reports say that at least two aldermen are suggesting that until the neighborhood streets are repaired, they be limited to local traffic only.

Mayor Anne McCaffrey said the option would be considered, but stopped short of endorsing it due to school bus routes and safety issues.

City street workers methodology of repairing the potholes was also called into question by some aldermen. On many streets, some potholes have been patched while others have been skipped over.

A city worker who asked to not be identified said that the "blitz" had to be stopped last week due to weather but that they're back on the job again and working as hard as they can.

Potholes remain the talk of the town both in public and online.

Former Alderman Jack Smith said on one Facebook forum that if he worked for the city now, he'd be embarrassed to tell people. "I'm almost at the point where I don't want to admit I live here," he said.

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