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Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Matthew D. Bennett
When Niagara County Sheriff's deputies arrested a Walnut Street man Saturday on a bench warrant issued by the Town of Lockport, they found much more in his apartment to charge him with.

According to the report filed by NCSO, when 23-year-old Matthew D. Bennett, 6 Walnut St., answered the door and was told he was being arrested, he asked to go get his shoes and jacket so he could go with patrol. Patrol allowed him to do so, but accompanied him into his apartment where they detected the aroma of "Coleman" fuel.

"As patrol looked around the apartment he observed several hypodermic syringes on the floor in plain view," the report said. "Patrol continued to look around and noticed several coffee filters and plastic baggies on the floor in plain view. Patrol then saw a mason jar on plastic tote box containing a clear liquid. Next to the jar, patrol observed a white powder substance and a razor blade with the powder residue on it. There was also a large container of table salt in a open dresser door adjacent to the plastic tote."

Patrol recognized these items to be consistent with the manufacturing of Methamphetamine. Patrol handcuffed Bennett and took him into custody and requested a warrant to further search the premises. Once the warrant was obtained, patrol found several plastic bottles in the garbage can that were used in the manufacturing of Methamphetamine. Patrol also found several coffee filters containing Methamphetamine residue. In the bottom of the garbage there was several empty packages of the over the counter pharmaceutical "Claritin D" which is a main ingredient of the manufacturing Methamphetamine. The clear liquid in the mason jar field tested positive for Methamphetamine, as did the white powdered substance.

During the search patrol also located a scale, and what is believed to be heroine. All the evidence was processed and turned over to the Niagara County Forensic Laboratory to determine the exact amount of Methamphetamine.

Patrol transported Bennett to the Town of Lockport for arraignment for the bench warrant. Felony drug possession charges will be filed pending the tests by The Niagara County Forensics Laboratory. Bennett was remanded to the custody of the Niagara County Sheriff in lieu of $2500 and was ordered to appear in the City of Lockport Court on Monday. He remains in jail this morning.

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